Out Of My Head

Savoy Cinema Nottingham, UK

host: Rik Hemsley

Monday 25th June, 8:15 pm Savoy Cinema, Nottingham

233 Derby Rd, Nottingham NG7 1QN, UK

£14.00 GBP Admission + £1.00 booking fee = £15.00

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Rik Hemsley brings you this special screening of Out Of My Head on Monday the 25th of June at 8:15pm at Savoy Cinema Nottingham, UK!

This film will commence at 8:15pm sharp.

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the film

There are few things more frightening than having a child who is sick, who you don’t know how to help and whose illness you don’t understand. That’s what Susanna Styron experienced when her daughter Emma’s spells of blindness and vomiting began at the age of fourteen. Emma’s eventual migraine diagnosis, rather than putting an end to the mystery and confusion, was just the beginning, as mother and daughter embarked on a years-long journey to discover the truth about living with migraine.



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