The Longevity Film

Hoyts Cinemas Charlestown

host: Nutrition Plus

Wednesday 12th February, 7:00 pm Hoyts Cinemas Charlestown

244 Pacific Hwy Charlestown

$25.00 AUD Admission + $2.00 booking fee = $27.00

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The Longevity Film investigates the complex topic of ageing by documenting the longest lived, healthiest & happiest cultures from around the world.

Filmmaker Kale Brock (The Gut Movie, 2018) visits specific communities with significantly improved average life expectancies, remarkably low rates of disease and an extremely high quality of life well into the later years. Traveling to Okinawa (Japan), Loma Linda (California) and Ikaria (Greece) for a deep dive into longevity culture and what it really takes to get well and stay well, Brock delivers this transformational documentary with light hearted wit and a warm sense of relatability.

Available for screenings in Australia from February 2020.

Available for international screenings from November 2019.

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