The Portal

Cinema Arts Centre

host: Frank Girard for The Stillness Project

where: Monday 2nd December, 8:00 pm Cinema Arts Centre

423 Park Ave, Huntington, NY 11743, United States

$18.00 USD Admission + $1.00 booking fee = $19.00

*This screening has a Q&A session.

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Dr. Bruce Feldman – Feld Med – FeldMed is Dr. Bruce Feldman’s own blend of many different disciplines that promote healing and prevent disease. Unlike the variety of disciplines and schools of thought, Dr. Feldman pulls together what he feels are the best parts of each to create a practice that is singular in its approach.

Dr. Lenny Izzo- Transformation Initiator – Dr. Izzo is a Chiropractor, Clinical Nutritionist, Attunement Master Teacher/Practitioner, Third Degree Reiki Master, is a Quantum Bio-feedback Practitioner, a Homotoxicology Practitioner, a Life Transformational and Wellness Coach, an Entrepreneur and Wealth Coach, and is certified in the Japanese healing art of Johrei. 

Ellen Volpe, American Business Associates – ABA is New York Metro’s premier business development and networking association dedicated to helping small to mid-sized businesses dramatically increase sales by providing dynamic business connections and superior resources. 

Ira Warren – Vistage Chair – There’s an advisory group specific to your business and career. A Vistage membership matches you with a business peer group tailored to your industry, company challenges and goals. You’ll receive advice from seasoned CEOs who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise.

Frank Girard – Frank has been a marketing consultant and copywriter for more than twenty years. His copywriting focus has been high converting sales copy. He is the author of 3 marketing books. As a marketing consultant, he helps companies geometrically increase profits without spending an extra dime on marketing.

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the film

THE PORTAL is an experiential documentary created as part of a bold, global vision to shift humanity out of a state of crisis. It brings to life the stories of six people who overcame great adversity using stillness and mindfulness, inspiring the audience to follow in their footsteps and realise the unique potential that all humans have to change our world–from the inside out. Supported by insights from three of the world’s foremost futurists–and a robot–the film unfolds as a beautiful, audiovisual spectacle that takes the viewer on their own mindfulness journey through the pain, joy and memory fragments of life. Exploring a new way forward, this powerful film and book open hearts and minds to an exciting vision for humanity, transformed, inviting all 7 billion people to make an enlightened planet possible by entering THE PORTAL.

THE PORTAL is available for FanForce screenings worldwide.

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