FanForce is an online platform for fans to get the films they want into the cinema – from new independent gems to old classics – but with the marketing and strategy to build communities and fill cinemas. We know! Exciting right?


Well, FanForce is an exciting new way to see films in the cinema. Film fans can see just about any film they want – in any cinema – with a room full of other fans, just like you. FanForce takes the financial risk out of hosting cinema screenings by putting these fans first. If enough people buy tickets then the screening goes ahead.


This approach, combined with the resources of a dedicated Film Marketing Agency, has created an exciting new way for bringing people together to see great films. Whether you’d like to see films that aren’t in your local cinema OR if you want to host screenings yourself – FanForce can make it happen. Hosts can even earn a slice of the Box Office!


It goes a little something like this:

01. You pick a film from the library, set a day, time & preferred cinema.

02. You decide on the best way to promote your screening – from simple, cost effective options to more complex solutions for multiple screenings. Or just promote it yourself using our Free Tools.

03. You invite people to the screening. If enough tickets are reserved the screening goes ahead. If it doesn’t get the numbers required the host can try again later but no one loses any money.

04. We organise the event with the cinema. All everyone has to do is turn up.


FanForce opens up a whole range of cinematic possibilities for a range of people:

Film Fans:

People who love films know the best way to see them is in the cinema – with a packed audience. Now fans can make this happen easily with a range of tools to find others who love the same films they do.


From cast and crew screenings and Q&As to small theatrical campaigns, filmmakers with or without a distribution deal can get their films in front of audiences without the risk of ‘four-walling’ a cinema. Producers with a distribution deal can widen the scope of a release to other states or regional areas.

You can even use FanForce as a fundraising platform with optional contributions that ticket buyers can make at the online Box Office.

Cinema Owners:

Cinema owners who would like to fill quiet weekly schedules or broaden their offering can select from

thousand of new and old titles in our Film Library. You can even advertise Candy bar deals or upcoming events to buyers at the online Box Office to maximise profits.

Community Groups:

Organisations of all types who want to raise awareness of a certain topic can do so by hosting a screening of a relevant film or doco. Use the time before or after the movie to make an announcement, launch a new campaign or hold an educational discussion. Use the contributions option at the online Box Office to help raise funds for your next event.


Charities can host their own film screenings to help raise funds and create awareness about their cause. Additional fundraising contributions can also be made at the ticket purchase point.

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Until then, May the FanForce be with you!